Our School Community

Each family is a child’s first teacher. We value families as partners in the growth and development of children in our program. We encourage parents and other family members to be involved in the program, to visit children’s classrooms, to participate in events, and to provide feedback on the program. We offer a variety of ways in which families can participate in helping us establish and reach our program goals. We enjoy learning about family members’ unique skills and interests and how we might incorporate those into our emergent curriculum.

At The Temple Preschool we hold the values of community, collaboration, kindness, respect, and mindfulness in the highest regard. Each value embraces our approach and philosophy in a way that raises our practice of teaching. We strive to transcend being teachers and become learners, explorers, facilitators, observers, and educators. Each day we bring with us a level of awareness of the importance of our work. By valuing ourselves, our co-workers, our school families, and our environments, we become a true community of learners.

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